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Hippie Vibes

Hi! Welcome to The Happy Dead. I created this art brand to serve as a bridge between individuals, cultures, and realities. While my art may flirt with the surreal, it has a very real message at its core - one of love and unity. In a world that can often seem fragmented, I wanted to create art that reminds us that beneath our differences, we are all connected by the threads of our existence, and that love is the universal language that binds us together. 

But, let us not forget, my friends....a defining feature of the Happy Dead is humor! Through whimsical characters and a play on words, I love to infuse my art with laughter and joy. Humor is a powerful tool for breaking down barriers and inviting people from all walks of life to join in the celebration of life.

I invite you all to embrace the mysteries of the universe with open hearts and open minds. Step into a world where love and unity reign supreme, and where laughter thrives. 

explore the art. Feel the vibes. Awaken your spirit.



-Everett McKee-


Mystical Vibes
Witch Vibes
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